Queens Pinch Vineyard

Mudgee Australia

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Refunds & Returns Policy

If you believe wine you have received from Queens Pinch is faulty or spoiled please contact us to arrange the return of the faulty wine and organise an exchange or a refund.

Returns must be made within 30 days of the invoice date. You are responsible for shipping costs of all returns.

If we agree that the wine is faulty, and subsequent to any external testing that may be required to establish that, we will replace the faulty wine with a similar wine that is agreeable to you. We will deliver the replacement at no cost to you.

If we cannot agree on a suitable replacement for a faulty wine, or no suitable replacements are available, we will organise a full refund of the purchase amount.

Please understand that we cannot refund or exchange wines if the wine was merely not to your personal preference.

If you received incorrect items, return the items to us. We will credit your account for your shipping charges and ship your order to you correctly.

We recommend using secure couriers or registered post for returns. We cannot take responsibility for returns lost in transit.

If your wine is broken in transit you should note this on the delivery slip and inform us. We will then claim for insurance and if successful send you a replacement or refund.

The processing of "Damaged in Transit" claims is also subject to the terms & conditions of our nominated carriers' insurance policies.